Feel safe... Anywhere... Anytime

Samaritan City is directed to all age group from 17-100.
Anyone possessing a mobile device and is capable
of using it can use the application.

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Samaritan city is people centered and it is designed for all age groups from 17-100. All you need is a mobile device and some skills on how to use the application. It focuses on the safety and protection of individuals, communities and the global environment at large. A human security approach empowers local people to address dangers, vulnerabilities and threats and the collectively take part in mitigating them.


The features provided in the app v1.0

Call for Help

Are you alone tonight… being stalked? Or in a place you find uneasy and insecure? Are there security threats and dangers you are facing? Do not keep quiet. The Samaritan city gives you a voice. With this application you have an ultimate solution in these trying moments. All you’ll need to do is raise the alarm button and watch help reach you.

Respond to a Help Request

Immediately you receive a help request, it’s prudent to act fast while also taking care of yourself. Be the Samaritan you are meant to be. Someone needs your help at this time and the sooner you act the earlier you prevent a danger. Your help could prevent a catastrophe or even save a life.

Missing people

There is nothing as tiresome and frustrating as looking for a missing friend, relative or a family member. With more people helping you through the search, there’s always a little comfort and higher chances you may find them. The Samaritan city gives you the Samaritans to help you identify them and alert you.

In recent times, various initiatives by many companies have caused safety related applications that promise to help the user with ‘call for help’ or ‘intimate your near and dear loved ones’. The major drawback of these apps however is that they try to ensure safety by a limit of numbers stored and sms’s sent which in most may not always reach on time. Sometimes the caretakers may be out of reach. What therefore transpires? With the current trends, the Samaritan city remains the best utility for safety. It encompasses all the variables that makes up an awesome safety application. It beats the tests of time in terms of efficiency and convenience making it the best companion in providing safety and security.

Community Center

We are always pleased and available to answer your questions,
address your concerns and feedback. If there are any questions,
suggestions or concerns, feel free to communicate with us.