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We strongly believe that we have the legal right to protect everyone’s privacy and this is core in our platform. This privacy policy demonstrates its commitment to protecting your privacy and disclose the privacy practices of Samaritan city and and all their services. We retrieve very little personally identifiable information regarding you and we securely store it. As we share analytic data with service providers and partners, we never include personal information about your identity like your name, telephone numbers or emails.

Information collection, use, and sharing

Data collection is the first and one of the most important conditions in safeguarding your privacy. If no data is collected about your identity then it there’s nothing to be leaked or shared. At Samaritan city and we do not collect or store any personal information about you unless you willingly provide. We only collect IP addresses of the devices accessing our servers, internet domains, date and time of visit and the pages accessed and this information is strictly used for diagnostics and analytic purposes in order to raise our services to a higher competitive edge.


Cookies are pieces of data sent and stored on your pcs hard drive from the sites you visit. We use cookies, system logs and other storage technologies only to preserve your information for the next visit, maintain sessions for authenticated users and monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors and pages viewed. There’s always an option to disable cookies but this interferes with the running of some portions of Samaritan city and

Law Enforcement And Transparency

At Samaritan city and, we require a subpoena or a court order to provide non-consent user information to law enforcement like your name, means of payment and length of service. We only disclose the user content in response to a probable cause search warrant. In cases of emergency involving death or severe physical injury, we may also be moved to provide necessary information to prevent the dangers from occurring. In instances where we are forced to provide your information, we will always notify you with full details unless legally prohibited by court. Our transparency report posts all anonymized information about all law enforcement requests. Samaritan city and have never received national security letters, FISA court orders or any other classified requests for user information. If we will ever receive such requests we guarantee we will carefully review it and ensure it follows the law. If a request is overly broad we will seek to narrow it down.

Age Group

Samaritan city and mexcelle are designed for all the age groups from 6-100. All you need is a mobile device and capability to use them.

Contact Us

We are open to your contributions and we are always available to take your questions, feedback and address your concerns. If there are any suggestions feel free to contact us through